Thursday, September 2, 2010

City Of The Living Dead - Sick Flick of the Month

Grab Your Barf Bag Cause It's Time For Some Gory Fun! It's Fulci Month!

City of the Living Dead along with House by the Cemetery are the first two Italian horror films I saw as a kid. The gore, music, and horrible dubbing were the first things I noticed. My first thoughts were that these were definitely not American films and...they were fucking awesome! Italian horror is absolutely gorgeous in so many ways. The music is interesting and dramatic, the gore is disgusting and creative and most are just visually stunning.

City Of The Living Dead (1980)
Also known as Gates of Hell, this film is about a priest who commits suicide which causes the gates of hell to open and the dead to rise. The main characters of the film, Katriona MacColl and Christopher George, must close the gates before All Saints Day. If they don't, the dead will rise, walk the earth and kill the living.

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