Friday, July 9, 2010

One Dark Night / The Boogey Man - Double Feature of The Month!

Horrify Your Summer Nights With These Two Low Budget Gems!

Cover up your mirrors and stay out of that mausoleum, it’s double feature time!!! This month’s double feature are actually the first two horror flicks I ever saw as a kid. I absolutely love them and don't care how corny they are, they're both great 80's fun!!

The Boogey Man (1980)
This movie is basically about a young girl, Lacey, who witnesses her brother murder a man through the reflection of a mirror. Twenty years later, after the mirror has been shattered, Lacey must defeat the man‘s evil spirit that has been set free and is seeking revenge through the shards of glass.

Though this movie is very low budget, the death scenes are creative and fun, the story is not too bad and the music is very interesting. There are seriously some cheesy scenes in this movie but it definitely makes it fun and worth watching.

One Dark Night (1983)
In this movie, a young girl must stay all night in a mausoleum as part of her initiation. Entombed in the same mausoleum is Raymar, a man who possessed telekinetic powers. Using his powers, Raymar returns and commands the undead to awaken and start killing bitches!

What I absolutely love about this film are the end scenes with the gorgeous decaying bodies and the various shots of the mausoleum. The lighting is perfectly eerie and the music is odd and creepy.

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