Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Pink Angels/Run Angel Run Double Feature of the Month!

Grab your old lady or man, get on your chopper and cause some havoc at your local bar cause it's biker double feature month!! Here are two awesome, bad ass picks! The Pink Angels and Run Angel Run!

The Pink Angels 1971
So basically this about a group of gay bikers that are traveling to Los Angeles to attend a cotillion. Of course, they meet a lot of crazy people along the way and get into some trouble. I absolutely love this flick, it's funny, the lead biker is hot and it's just fun and wacky. The opening credits are really nicely shot as well....just a random thought.

Run, Angel, Run! 1969
Here is another biker flick that rules! This one is about Angel, a biker who is on the run with his girlfriend. After giving a revealing story about his gang to Life magazine, Angel and his old lady go on the run to avoid getting their asses wasted by Angel's biker buddies. This one has a little love story going on which makes it different from most biker flicks. It has more heart, character and some corny ass lines. Also, the split and multi-screen parts during the chase scene are just too damn AWESOME!!!

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